Sourcing Makes the Difference

What makes Lucky’s one of the Best Restaurants in Tulsa OK?

One of the first things I wanted to do when I opened this restaurant was have a wood fired grilled. It is unique, the flavors you get from the pecan wood are unparalleled. We source that locally from an experienced woodsman who pulls out the pecan especially for us.

We start that grill up every morning, it is alive and well all day long. The coals are still warm in the morning when we get here. You will also notice that many things on our menu are grilled, including the flat bread that comes with any meal. There are a lot of ingredients that come off the grill it adds a unique flavor to anything that touches it. The wood fired stove is eight years old, it is seasoned and adds that unique flavor.

What sets us apart are things like the beans. The beans are sourced from "Rancho Gordo", an heirloom bean company in Napa Valley. Every day we try to be better and better and that is what makes us special. That attention to detail, I just don’t think you find that in every restaurant.

Everybody on our bar team works together, they hand mix the bloody mary mix. They barrel age the cocktails. We have a weekly cocktail special, so there are three cocktails every week. The beer menu changes every week.

Our smoked sage margarita, they take white sage and dry it out just a little bit, turn the cup upside down and light the sage on fire. The smoke goes up into the glass. While they are mixing the mescal and fresh lime juice, then they take the cup with the smoke in it and shake it. Then they put a rim of smoked mesquite salt on it. Just one of the many fabulous cocktails here.

Now you have to have a reservation to get in. I am very grateful for that, but I think it’s because of the feeling you get here and the good food. The people are wonderful here, that’s what makes it.

From chocolate confections and lime coconut cakes to dessert wines; including a fabulous Tawny Port. We have thought of everything. Book a reservation for your special dinner. Let our staff cater to your needs.